Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is "Cosmo Trainer"?

Cosmo Trainer is a free web application which you can use to exercise foreign languages.

In particular, it is focused on learning new words by exercising the pre-defined (Featured) vocabularies or creating your own personal vocabularies.

Why should I use Cosmo Trainer?

When exercising with Cosmo Trainer, you write the translation of proposed words. Writing words in the language you are learning is a particularly effective approach to learn them, resulting in a faster and long term memorization.

How many vocabularies can I create?

You can have 30 vocabularies.

How many words can a vocabulary have?

Each vocabulary can have 200 words. This means that you can have a maximum of 6'000 words in your personal vocabularies.

Is Cosmo Trainer free?

Yes, Cosmo Trainer is 100% free.

Which languages can I exercise with Cosmo Trainer?

You can exercise almost any language.

I noticed a mistake or inappropriate translation in a Featured Vocabulary. What should I do?

Please inform us immediately, so that we will correct it.

Can I collaborate with Cosmo Trainer?

Of course! Cosmo Trainer is still incomplete and it is a Beta version. In particular, the interface is not completely translated in all languages. If you want to help us, take contact with us by using the "Contact" section.

My language is: English
Training language: Italiano
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